After intensive research, we selected the Evacuated Tube technology as opposed to flat plate collectors for our solar systems in home use and commercial use applications.
While evacuated tube technology clearly surpasses flat panels for nearly all water heating applications, the advantages are truly dramatic.
That’s because evacuated tube collectors can more easily attain the higher temperatures needed, they can collect and retain heat even when it is very cold outside, and due to their superior Incidence Angle Modifier they collect solar energy more evenly throughout the day resulting in a lower buffer or thermal storage requirement. There are many other advantages as well.
The tubes are made from low emissivity borosilicate glass (glass with a very low iron content that has superior durability and heat resistance ) with an all-glass seal and they employ AL/N on AL selective coating, which enables the use of the whole solar energy spectrum to generate heat.
This produces greater thermal efficiency in bright sunshine but also produces high efficiency in overcast or diffuse sunlight conditions. Further, the tubes are evacuated and have a barium getter (vacuum indicator) which changes color from silver to white if a tube’s vacuum has been compromised.
An examination of the tubes shows that the outside is actually 2 layers of glass and a vacuum has been created between them.
A good way to demonstrate this would be to fill an empty tube with very hot water and notice that it does not even get warm as you hold the tube in your hands. That is because of the “thermos effect” created by having a vacuum between the layers of glass.
Our evacuated tube solar water heaters have been used for many years to supply homes, business and commercial building etc.. with hot water directly from the sun without any fuel or electricity cost all year long .

Our Solar Water Heaters Specifications :

Inner Tank Cylinder : Galvanized Steel 2 mm G90

Outer Tank Cylinder Cover : Galvanized Steel 0.6 mm with oven powder coating paint

Insolation : Polyurethane Foam 5 cm with high density of 40 kg / 3m

Vacuum Tubes : High Efficiency three target Vacuum Tube ( Copper Inside )

The System can keep the hot water HOT for more than 72 hours inside its Cylinder

Proudly MADE IN JORDAN with 40 years experience

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After intensive research, we selected the Evacuated Tube technology as opposed to flat plate collectors for our solar systems for home use and commercial use applications...

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Edward Ibrahim Hanania was born in Bethlehem in 1937, after completing his high school education, he joined university in Beirut.
In the year 1967 he established his first Solar water heating manufacturing plant in the west bank of Jordan in Bethlehem.

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