Hanania Investment is a leading manufacturer of solar systems for domestic hot water supply with over 40 years of experience. Hanania Investment Group is totally committed to the development of efficient and cost-effective alternative energy technology. Our well-engineered solar collectors are the ideal way to reduce your ever-increasing hot water bills; we can heat your water, your pool, your home and your business too. Whatever the application, our collectors efficiently utilize the endless sun energy to provide economical heat for residential, commercial and industrial uses.

In 1967, Edward Ibrahim Hanania established his first solar heating manufacturer plant in the West Bank of Jordan in Bethlehem.

In 1973, he established the business of solar water heating systems in Jordan. Since then, the family name HANANIA excelled in the solar business and became the biggest manufacturer in the region.

In 1980, His Majesty Late King Hussein Bin Talal visited HANANIA Solar and experienced the wide range of products developed by HANANIA including producing electricity from the sun.

Now, Hanania Investment Group continues the legacy of remaining the leading solar energy company in Jordan.

Al-Rai newspaper dated 22/3/1980. A press release about the projects and development of Solar Energy in Jordan.

Al-Rai newspaper dated 9/12/1978. Prince Hassan Bin Talal opening the first Solar exhibition in Jordan, by the founder of the solar industry business in Jordan, Mr. Edward Ibrahim Hanania.