Electricity is produced from sunlight through a process called solar photovoltaic’s. Photovoltaic cells are made of semi-conducting materials, so when the sunlight strikes, it is converted into electricity.
Even if the sky is overcast, PV still produces electricity. This is because PV cells not only use direct sunlight, but also diffuse solar radiation, which is light that has been scattered by dust and water particles in the atmosphere. Obviously the amount of useful electricity generated is proportional to the intensity of light energy which falls into the conversion area. However, you can still have an electricity supply even without the sun!
To determine the PV electricity generation potential for a particular site, it is important to assess the average total solar energy received over the year.
Benefits Of PV Systems:
Environmental friendly: The PV modules are made out of silicon which is entirely benign, and available in abundance. No noise pollution or harmful gases are emitted during the operation.
Operate all year long: PV utilizes the most abundant energy source on the planet – the sun.
Minimal Maintenance: PV has no moving components and is virtually maintenance free.
Flexible: PV systems can be incorporated into all types of buildings, and retrofitted on existing roofs, or as part of the building development at construction stage.
Short Payback period: PV system payback time 3 – 6 years and a life span of 25 years.
Reducing Energy Bills: Having a solar roof provides you with a power source that can be used to augment your grid connected electricity supply subsequently reducing your electricity bills. In addition, having PV as an energy resource increases your awareness of electricity use and encourages more efficient energy behavior. This in turn leads to lower energy bills.

Hanania Investment has installed many On Grid and Off Grid systems considered the largest home systems in the MENA region.
Hanania Investment bring you The World best PV Systems BY KACO new energy, one of the world’s largest manufacturer of photovoltaic inverters.
Made 100% in Germany

On Grid 

Electricity is produced from sunlight through a process called solar photovoltaic’s. Photovoltaic cells are made of semi-conducting materials…

Off Grid 


Edward Ibrahim Hanania was born in Bethlehem in 1937, after completing his high school education, he joined university in Beirut.
In the year 1967 he established his first Solar water heating manufacturing plant in the west bank of Jordan in Bethlehem.

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